miércoles, marzo 24, 2004

Friends of the Earth Europe and Greenpeace are urging the European Union to reject genetically engineered rice.

Says the press release:

"Both Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace claim that an EU approval of the rice will send a dangerous signal to developing countries and could lead to the eventual corporate take-over of one of the world's most important foods. Currently 2.5 billion people depend on rice as a staple food."

"During a press conference in Brussels today, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace were joined by internationally renowned food-security expert Devinder Sharma from India. Sharma pointed out that control over rice, Asia's staple food, is steadily passing into the hands of transnational corporations based in Europe and the US, which use unfair patenting practices and genetic manipulation of food. He warned about the danger of further " daylight robbery of genetic wealth " by European and US corporations in developing countries."

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