viernes, mayo 21, 2004


The Canadian Supreme Court ruled today against farmer Percy Schmeiser and in favor of biotech giant Monsanto.

ETC Group
News Release
Friday, May 21, 2004

Canadian Supreme Court Tramples Farmers’ Rights — Affirms Corporate Monopoly On Higher Life Forms

Civil society and farmers’ organizations worldwide reacted with outrage to today’s 5-4 decision by the Canadian Supreme Court, affirming Monsanto’s right to prosecute farmers who are found to have GM crops growing on their land — whether they wanted them or not. Gene Giant Monsanto accused Saskatchewan farmers Percy and Louise Schmeiser of violating the company’s patent on genetically modified canola (oilseed rape). Percy and Louise did not want Monsanto’s GM canola seeds that invaded their property, and they did not try to benefit from the herbicide-tolerant trait in the GM seed (that is, they didn’t spray Roundup weedkiller), but still Monsanto prosecuted them for patent infringement and demanded a portion of their income. The Schmeisers waged a courageous, 7-year battle against Monsanto that went all the way to the Supreme Court.

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