miércoles, julio 21, 2004

More on the Nader fiasco:

Sandy Maisel, the director of the Goldfarb Center for Public Affairs and Civic Engagement at Colby College, is co-author of Two Parties or More? The American Party System. He said today: "The Reform Party is a shell of its former self, propped up mainly by a few individuals who seem bent on using it for their own political purposes, including in this case helping George Bush beat John Kerry. Nader’s acceptance of the Reform Party nod for the presidency is striking evidence of the lengths to which he will go to get on the ballot. I can think of no case in recent American history in which a candidate has gone so far from his basic principles, from his political roots, in order to get a spot on the ballot.... His acceptance of the Reform Party endorsement is particularly odd in this light. How can Nader possibly be comfortable in the party that ran Pat Buchanan for president a short four years ago?"

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