martes, diciembre 18, 2012

Article debunking nonsense about Mayan "prophecies"

Mayan Apocalypse: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were REALLY Afraid To Ask


What do actual real-life Mayas have to say about all of this?
At least some of them are rather pissed, and understandably so. Ethnic Maya of Guatemala (of which there are millions) have long had to endure efforts by government and the local tourism industry to profit off of misunderstandings of what the ancient Mayan calendar indicates. "We are speaking out against deceit, lies and twisting of the truth, and turning us into folklore-for-profit," Felipe Gomez, head of Mayan alliance Oxlaljuj Ajpop, told AFP in October. "They are not telling the truth about time cycles." 
"The Maya never said anything about the end of the world or anything about a great change in the universe on [December 21, 2012]," David Stuart, a professor of Mesoamerican art and writing at the University of Texas at Austin, told the Huffington Post. "The calendar not only continues after that goes 70 octillion years into the future."

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