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Food Sovereignty: A New Challenge to be Met in Puerto Rico, by Georges Felix


By Georges F. Félix
Latin American Scientific Society for Agroecology (SOCLA) - Puerto Rico Chapter.
Contact: soclapuertorico@gmail.com
Facebook: “SOCLA P.R. Agroecología”
The Latin American Scientific Society for Agroecology (SOCLA) arose as an alternative to promote reflection, discussion and scientific interchange about agroecology among researchers, teachers and farmers of various nationalities. Every two years SOCLA organizes the Latin American Congress on Agroecology. So far there have been Congresses in Colombia (2007), Brazil (2009) and Mexico (2011), and just last week was the closing event of the Fourth Congress on Agroecology held at La Molina National Agrarian University in Lima, Peru from September 10 through 12, 2013.
These congresses highlight the state of the art of agroecology in the world, from a Latin American perspective, this year focusing on "small agriculture as the basis for the twenty-first century." In these events SOCLA brings together academics and organized farmers encouraging dialogue and agreements that are disseminated through the Agroecology Charter at the end of each event.
Besides the presentations by experts and symposiums presented during the Congress, a pre-event course was organized on "Agro-ecology, Resilience and Food Sovereignty." At the close of the event, many participants were able to make technical visits to several agroecological projects in Peru. Discussions took place focusing on ten thematic axes, including agro-biodiversity, agroecological production systems, field methodologies, climate change and adaptations, peasant markets, peasant trainings and teaching public policies for food sovereignty. The Puerto Rican delegation in Lima this year was made up of two academics, a farmer and a student (both women), and an agriculture extension worker. The exchange of information on research in agroecology and adaption strategies for Latin America’s peasants, both men and women, contributed to expanding the knowledge and objectives of the work of our community-based organizations in Puerto Rico.

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