viernes, septiembre 06, 2013

Syria: denialism delegitimizes 'anti-war' position

By Bill Weinberg



Heeding these voices does not mean we have to support Obama's intervention. But it does mean that we have to find ways to do so that do not betray and alienate Syrians who have for over two years been fighting for freedom and are now fighting for their very lives. The "anti-war" movement, such as it continues to exist, has been abjectly failing to do this. Leading the charge into shameful betrayal, of course, is the International Action Center...


 If any anti-war effort is to actually be in solidarity with Syrians, it must put the voices of the Syrian civil resistance front and center, and seek leadership from them. Our natural allies in Syria are in this democratic resistance, and they will need solidarity whether the US intervenes or not. And while the Local Coordination Committees—the original body of the unarmed civil resistance, still active at the grassroots level in Syria, in spite of everything—remains opposed to either armed insurgency or foreign intervention, they see their primary struggle as against the dictatorship. If the anti-war forces in the West do not offer solidarity in that struggle, they forfeit all legitimacy to oppose Obama's intervention.

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