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People’s Hearing on Monsanto: Crimes and Reparations



A Deep Green Look at Monsanto


The “People’s Hearing on Monsanto: Crimes and Reparations” will both examine the contamination of food by GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and go beyond it. The November 8 hearing in Monsanto’s home city of St. Louis will ask how the company can be held accountable for the range of damage it has done.
Since the majority of those affected by the company are people of color, it is fitting to open the hearing with an explanation of the need for reparations for slave descendants in the US. Reparations must begin with the US acknowledging the horrible crime of slavery and apologizing for it. The apology will establish the framework for discussing financial and other compensations. Learning from this, the People’s Hearing will ask how Monsanto can make reparations to its victims.
The St. Louis hearing will compile a record of Monsanto’s crimes in preparation for an indictment of the company. The Gateway Green Alliance, which is hosting the hearing, invites everyone providing testimony to describe (a) what they are accusing the company of doing, (b) the apology they are seeking for those crimes, and (c) what form they propose that compensation should take.

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