miércoles, marzo 30, 2016

Mesa Refuge

I spent part of the summer of 2004 in Mesa Refuge. It was a most inspiring, energizing and refreshing experience. I met some really great people over there, like Peter Barnes, Jonathan Rowe, Pamela Carr, Mark Dowie, Peter Dorman and Kathleen Kennedy-Townsend. Among my most excellent experiences there: visiting community institutions like the offices of the Marin Agricultural Land Trust, the Point Reyes Bookstore and the KWMR community radio station, having lunch with Dowie, hiking Point Tomales, and visiting my friend Hannah Doress who lived nearby.

The Mesa Refuge is located near the Pacific Ocean in Point Reyes Station, California, an hour north of San Francisco. It sits beside the San Andreas Fault, literally on the edges between land and water, metropolis and wildness, busyness and quiet. Our residents are mostly focused on “ideas at the edge” of nature, human economy, and social equity. Here writers enjoy time and space to connect with their muses and a supportive community, before going back into the world.

We welcome both experienced and emerging writers and creatives who are addressing the pressing issues of our time. It is our priority to support writers focusing on these areas we value: nature, the human economy and social equity.

Through public conversations and events, Mesa Refuge connects our leading-edge alumni from around the nation with West Marin, contributing to a rich tapestry of conversation that is helping to change our world.

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