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Go Dorothy GO!

A had the great pleasure of meeting Dorothy in April. Read this profile/interview!


If you hang around the feminista Twitter space, you've likely come across this week's #WCWDorothy Bell Ferrer — though you might know her by her handle,@InsurgentPrieta, instead.
The Afro Puerto Rican-Dominican uses the social network to voice various injustices, from anti-blackness across the Americas and the erasure of Black and indigenous mujeres in popular feminisms to critiques on capitalism, the decolonization of Puerto Rico and just island livin’.
Her advocacy, however, isn’t exclusive to the twittersphere. Bell Ferrer, who also goes byChachi Yaniré, writes about these issues for La Respuesta, a publication by and for the Puerto Rican diaspora, La Galería, a similar magazine but for the Dominican diaspora, and for her own blog. The fierce mujer is also studying political science at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras through Kent State University. Whether in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio or en la isla de Borikén, she’s also on the ground, organizing for the independence of Puerto Rico and the freedom of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, among so much more.

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