jueves, junio 02, 2016

Green islands in Isla Verde (II)


by Carmelo Ruiz

...the prices are sky-high. Omelet with vegan vianda cheese and green salsa for $12, gazpacho (a tomato-based cold vegetable soup) for $7, vianda soup for $5 to $8 depending on serving size, papaya and yerbabuena pancake with pineapple syrup for $11, baked pasta with chili and chayote on cream au gratin for $12. Dear reader, we do not know about you. We do not know if you live in elite and pricey San Francisco or Manhattan, or in the more affordable North Dakota or Central Vermont, but these prices are simply unaffordable for us. We simply cannot eat here. You can lecture us all you want about the high price of cheap food and shower us with Vandana Shiva and Michael Pollan quotes, but no words change the fact that we have to eat elsewhere. In fact, most people we know could never afford any of this fare.

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