domingo, mayo 15, 2016

Radiolab: Bigger than bacon

Today's story is a mystery, shockingly hot, and vanishingly tiny.
It starts with a sound, rising like a mist from the marsh, around a dock in South Carolina. But where it goes next - from submarines to superheroes (and yes, Keanu Reeves!); from the surface of the sun to the middle of the brain - is far from expected. Producer Molly Webster brings her family along for the ride. Enjoy the adventure, before it...implodes. 
Produced by Molly Webster and Annie McEwen. Reported by Molly Webster. Guest sound designer, Jeremy Bloom.
Special thanks to Kullervo Hynynen, James Bird, and Lawrence Crum. 
After you listen to the episode (spoiler alerts):
Wanna see the shrimp bubble in super slowmo? Check it outhere (and note, of the 1,400 views on this video, producer Molly Webster probably comprises 752).
If you want to see cavitation bubbles form, and think you might enjoy watching it happen in French, check this out - the high frame rate makes these shots divine. 

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