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WBAI debacle

WBAI's Death by Democracy
Warring activists cause a legendary public radio station to implode
By Tessa Stuart Wednesday, Sep 4 2013

For years, observers inside and out had been prophesying the death of WBAI, birthplace of the nationally syndicated alternative news program Democracy NOW!. The station has not turned a profit in more than a decade. The last year has been particularly tough.

Millions of dollars in debt, and unable to pay staff or rent, WBAI has devoted a staggering 169 days to pledge drives since October. Quacks and conspiracy theorists solicited donations by dangling gifts like magic water capable of curing cancer and books that claim, matter-of-factly, that the world is secretly ruled by shapeshifting reptilian overlords.

For more perspectives and info on WBAI's downfall, read this piece by Bill Weinberg:

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