sábado, junio 25, 2016

Islas verdes en Isla Verde (III)


Por Carmelo Ruiz Marrero

El Punta Las Marías Skate Park, un proyecto único en su clase que combina la ecología, el rescate de terrenos públicos, el arte del graffiti y el skateboarding.
El Skate Park es un proyecto de construcción abandonado convertido en un bosque urbano costero. Entre los árboles, algunos de los cuales llegan a unos 60 pies de altura, hay un piso de cemento de una estructura que nunca se terminó, el cual los jóvenes ahora usan para correr sus patinetas. Paredes sin terminar ahora son vehículo para la expresión de talentosos grafiteros. 

Fotos por Patricia Rodríguez

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viernes, junio 24, 2016

Cine agroecológico boricua

Carmelo Ruiz on Counterpunch Radio


This week Eric Draitser chats with journalist and activist Carmelo Ruiz about the situation in Puerto Rico, and why this small US colony is so relevant to contemporary issues. Eric and Carmelo begin with a discussion of Puerto Rico's debt crisis, and the policies and actions that have made it into Latin America's Greece, with specific attention paid to the role of Wall Street and neoliberal finance capital in creating the crisis. In the second half of the program, Eric and Carmelo discuss the ongoing agriculatural activism in Puerto Rico as peasants and concerned citizens join together to stop Monsanto, Bayer, and the chemical and agribusiness corporations. The conversation also touches on Bernie Sanders, the role of Puerto Rico in hosting US-backed right wing counter-revolutionaries, and the importance of understanding Puerto Rico in context of the right-wing ascendance in Latin America.

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jueves, junio 23, 2016

Junte este sábado

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Green islands in Isla Verde (III)


Carmelo Ruiz

What we have seen this afternoon is only a small sample of San Juan and Carolina’s urban coastline, barely a brief glimpse at the complicated political ecology of this place, a political ecology marked by privatization, gentrification, contradictions, struggle and resistance.

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martes, junio 21, 2016

Start Making Sense

Orlando was one of the most gay-friendly cities in the South—and still is, says Nadine Smith of Equality Florida.

Also: Bernie won the war of ideas in the Democratic party—what does that mean for Hillary now? Harold Meyerson comments.

And historian Adam Hochschild talks about the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, American leftists who fought the fascists in the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s.

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Puerto Rico owes nothing


By Carmelo Ruiz

Posted May. 30, 2016

By now, most Americans are aware of Puerto Rico’s financial woes, which are comparable to those of Greece and Detroit. The U.S. territory’s public debt has ballooned to more than $72 billion, and the government is already defaulting on its payments to bondholders.
Some members of the U.S. Congress are proposing a fiscal control board that would have totalitarian powers to squeeze Puerto Rico’s economy. Such a body would likely slash spending on health, welfare, education and basic infrastructure, privatize government functions, lay off thousands of public employees, raid pension funds and even lower the minimum wage.

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lunes, junio 20, 2016

Cine agroecológico este viernes

domingo, junio 19, 2016

Writer's Voice podcast


Richard Zacks talks about his new book about Mark Twain’s world lecture tour to get himself out of debt. It’s called Chasing the Last Laugh: Mark Twain’s Raucous and Redemptive Round-the-World Comedy Tour.
Then we re-air the 2012 interview Zacks gave Writers Voice in 2012 about his book Island of Vice. It’s about Teddy Roosevelt’s stint as New York City’s crusading anti-vice Police Commissioner.

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jueves, junio 16, 2016

A educarnos sobre la Junta de Control Fiscal y la Deuda