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(Incomplete) Chronology of Puerto Rico’s political ecology

By Carmelo Ruiz


1959- Founding of the pro-independence organization Movimiento Pro Independencia (MPI) and its newspaper Claridad.

1964-66- The local press informs that the government plans to approve strip mining projects. The MPI and the autonomist group Vanguardia Popular present environmental objections. The debate around mining marks the birth of the modern ecology movement in Puerto Rico.

1969-79- A period of generalized violence against the independence movement, which included police brutality, mob violence, bombings of homes and businesses of prominent independentistas, arson attacks against Claridad and its printing press, abductions and assassinations. The evidence gathered from journalistic investigations and declassified documents of the Puerto Rico and US governments points that these attacks were the doing of corrupt agents of the Puerto Rico Police Intelligence Division, Cuban exile terrorists, the FBI and the CIA.

1970- Founding of Misión Industrial, Puerto Rico’s leading environmental organization.

1971- The MPI is transformed into the Puerto Rico Socialist Party (PSP).

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