domingo, septiembre 15, 2013

What if Assad really did it?

Read this article without judging. That is, do not judge till you have read all of it. Both the pro-war right and the anti-war left are playing fast and loose with the facts about Syria. I know this is not a popular thing to say.


Syria chemical attack: rush to denialism continues

by Bill Weinberg on Fri, 09/13/2013 - 23:35


Human Rights Watch on Sept. 10 released a report, "Attacks on Ghouta: Analysis of Alleged Use of Chemical Weapons in Syria," examining what are said to actually be two suspected chemical attacks on the "opposition-controlled suburbs of Eastern and Western Ghouta, located 16 kilometers apart, in the early hours of August 21." The report relies on witness accounts of the rocket attacks, physical remnants of the rockets, and symptoms exhibited by the victims as documented by medical staff. "Rocket debris and symptoms of the victims from the August 21 attacks on Ghouta provide telltale evidence about the weapon systems used," said Peter Bouckaert, emergencies director at HRW and author of the report. "This evidence strongly suggests that Syrian government troops launched rockets carrying chemical warheads into the Damascus suburbs that terrible morning."
What charming bedfellows: pseudo-left ideologues like Chossudovsky with ex-CIA spooks likePhilip Giraldi. We've noted how the paleocon right is this time around joining with idiotic sectors of the "left" to shill for Syria's dictator. In another example, former CIA analyst Ray McGovern (a perennial conspiranoid) serves up similar fare in an interview with an Internet TV outfit calling itself "Left Voices."

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