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The Vermont Movie: Goddard College, Democracy and Education

The Vermont Movie: Goddard College, Democracy and Education from Goddard College on Vimeo.

Freedom & Unity: The Vermont Movie is the first-ever documentary series about Vermont. The six-part film is a collaboration of three dozen critically acclaimed Vermont filmmakers, led by award-winning filmmaker Nora Jacobson. The Goddard College segment of the Vermont Movie was filmed in 2008 and 2009. This version has been re-edited in places by Dustin Byerly and traces the evolution of the College from its Universalist roots at the Goddard Seminary in Barre, Vermont, to an experimental progressive College in Plainfield Vermont. The documentary examines the impact Goddard College has had on the state of Vermont using archival photographs, video and interviews.
Goddard alumni and former faculty featured in the documentary include Barry & Lorrie Goldensohn, Peter and Elka Schumann, Dan Chodorkoff (‘71, ’73), Dustin Byerly (’01), Ginny Callan (’74), Joanna Andrews, Fred Wilber (’73), Mark Schulman, Mark Greenberg, Paij Wadley-Bailey (‘79), Murray & Bea Bookchin, Robin Mascitti (’90), Janet Van Fleet (’95), Francis Voigt and Avram Patt (’72).

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