viernes, mayo 08, 2015

Carmelo Ruiz: The CIA Reorganizes


The United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is about to go through a major overhaul of its organizational structure, ending the separation between spies and analysts, while also creating a new cyberwarfare division. "Thousands of spies and CIA analysts will be reassigned to new posts, marking one of the most significant changes to the agency’s core structure in its 67-year history", according to The Intercept. Under the new model, spies and analysts will be integrated and assigned to 10 new mission centers that will specialize in issue areas such as terrorism, weapons proliferation, the Middle East and other areas with responsibility for espionage operations, intelligence analysis and covert actions. According to CIA director John Brennan, these mission centers “will bring the full range of operational, analytic, support, technical, and digital personnel and capabilities to bear on the nation’s most pressing security issues and interests.”


Not everybody in the intelligence community is happy with the changes. Brennan's reorganization will further politicize the CIA and damage its credibility, according to Melvin Goodman, former CIA analyst and currently a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy. "CIA Director John Brennan is promoting a reorganization scheme at the Central Intelligence Agency that will make it more likely that intelligence analysis will be politicized to support the interests of the White House and senior policymakers."

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