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Political ecology blog

Entitle blog is a collaborative writing effort that looks at the world through the lens of political ecology. For us, Political Ecology is a perspective that seeks to understand who is involved in, and who benefits or loses from, how our environment is produced and reproduced.
It was founded in 2014 by fellows of the European Network of Political Ecology (ENTITLE) as an outlet to share, reflect on and discuss research and activist experiences, observations, methodologies, news, events, publications, art, music and other themes and objects related to political ecology.
With this blog we hope to carry reflections about political ecology outside the confines of universities and academic publishing houses, in the spirit of
  • improving accessibility to material on political ecology issues;
  • giving space to stories that happen doing research, which usually escape from the “academic”, i.e. stories of us as researchers, activists, and of the people resisting;
  • encouraging political ecology reflections on media (movies, books, fiction, novels, short stories, poems, comics, etc.) which even though they do not fall under the ‘academic radar’ inspire political ecology perspectives;
  • communicating issues in a more timely fashion and to a wider public than the academic publishing process would allow;
  • offering approachable commentaries on what we study, what we learn and what we observe around us as political ecology researchers and activist-scholars.
  • both inspiring and contributing to radical thought, towards more egalitarian socio-ecological futures
Finally, through the blog we hope to encourage the growth of the ENTITLE network. We urge interested individuals and research/activist/writing/blogging collectives to get in touch with us, to attend one of our our courses and other events, and/or to link to our website and blog posts.

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