jueves, abril 15, 2004


Today is Tax Day, so I'm going to give you some information that willl rattle you off: According to United for a Fair Economy, the CEO pay/worker pay ratio in the USA has reached 301-to-1; and the average worker takes home $517 a Week, while the average CEO $155,769 a week.

And if that doesn't make you wanna holler, this certainly will:

While corporations and the wealthy benefit from huge tax cuts poor, families still struggle, says the Children's Defense Fund.

WASHINGTON - April 14 - Huge tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans have robbed the federal government of much needed revenue that could help fund programs for children, the Children's Defense Fund (CDF) said today. According to statistics released by CDF, the lost revenue could provide enough funds in 2004 to pay for Head Start for all eligible children, provide comprehensive health insurance for the nation's more than nine million uninsured children, and ensure that all poor families have affordable housing.

For more info on inequality in the land of opportunity, read Jamie Court's "Corporateering" and "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy" by Greg Palast.

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