martes, abril 06, 2004

Is the US food supply the world's safest, as the USDA keeps saying over and over again? Scientist Charles Benbrook certainly doesn't think so. Check this piece: Debunking the Myth that the U.S. "Has the Safest Food in theWorld"

It's come to be one of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's most frequent sayings --- Americans have the cheapest, safest food supply in the world. While that statement is widely believed by many Americans, it does not mean
it's accurate, at least not by Charles Benbrook's standards.

"All of us in the agricultural world have heard this statement a million
times, but have you ever heard anyone explain the basis for such a claim?"
said Benbrook, an agricultural economist working as a consultant for The
Organic Center in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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