jueves, abril 29, 2004

Wired Magazine: GMOs Are Dead, the Science Has Moved On

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Aside from several factual inaccuracies in this article (GE crops overall have not reduced pesticide use, but rather increased their use; GE cotton offers only a short-term reduction in pesticide use, after a few years weed and pest resistance causes more herbicide and pesticides to be used), this article by Richard Manning in Wired magazine is of major importance. Gene-mapping, combined with organic production and traditional cross-breeding (sometimes called "Marker Assisted Breeding), not gene-splicing, life form patents, and industrial agriculture, represents the real future of farming.

Ronnie Cummins

Super Organics

Forget Frankenfruit - the new-and-improved flavor of gene science is Earth-friendly and all-natural. Welcome to the golden age of smart breeding.

By Richard Manning

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