martes, abril 20, 2010

Award-winning journalist Karl Grossman, friend of Puerto Rico and of all progressive causes, writes about the Chernobyl disaster on its 24th anniversary. A very timely column now that the PR Power Authority is openly advocating nuclear power.

Chernobyl Catastrophe: 24th Anniversary

With the 24th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster coming next week, a new book has been published by the New York Academy of Sciences which concludes that between 1986, when the accident happened, and 2004 some 985,000 people died of cancer as a result of the radioactivity that was emitted.

The 985,000 figure is based on health data, radiological reports and scientific studies—some 5,000 in all—especially from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus but from other affected nations as well.

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