domingo, enero 30, 2011

Go David Bollier, GO!

David Bollier Goes Global

He launches a new blog and co-founds an international commons organization

By Jay Walljasper

David Bollier, a fellow of On The Commons since 2004 and founding editor of, is embarking upon two new commons projects.

He founded the Common Strategies Group, a project to promote the commons internationally, along with Thailand-based Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation, Berlin-based Silke Helfrich, formerly director of the Mexico City office of Germany’s Heinrich Böll Foundation, and Beatriz Busaniche, a Buenos Aires-based free culture activist. In November, the Commons Strategies Group hosted the International Commons Conference in Berlin, which drew participants from 34 countries.

David has also launched his own website/blog , featuring news and perspectives on many aspects of the commons. He stepped down from his role as co-editor of, where he has enriched readers with his keen insights since 2004.

We are grateful to be continue to offer some of David’s commentary from on our site. Jay Walljasper will continue as editor of

In his work as an author, speaker and blogger, David is one of the most articulate champions of the commons as a new force for equity, sustainability and creativity in the world. We will miss working closely with David, but are excited about the promise of his new projects to elevate understanding of the commons around the world.

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