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Former CIA analyst David MacMichael

I met former CIA analyst David MacMichael in Wash DC in 1991 and remained in touch with him for a number of years. I'm glad to see he is still around and fighting the good fight. (The Editor's note is written by ace journalist Robert Parry)

Ex-CIA Analyst Decries Manning Abuse

By David C. MacMichael
March 10, 2011

Editor’s Note: In the 1980s, David MacMichael, then a CIA analyst, grew disillusioned with the lies that pervaded the Reagan administration’s policies, especially over the Contra War in Nicaragua. He left the CIA and spoke out against crimes and abuses that he had witnessed.

Like millions of Americans, MacMichael also saw some hope for change in the 2008 campaign of Barack Obama. However, MacMichael and many others have grown disillusioned with President Obama’s preference for continuity regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and national security policies.

MacMichael, as a whistle blower himself, is particularly offended by the harsh treatment of Pvt. Bradley Manning for allegedly leaking classified material relating to the two wars and describing U.S. diplomatic relations with repressive regimes around the world.

MacMichael expressed his outrage in this letter to President Obama:

I write to you in your capacity as the commander-in-chief of the armed services of the United States to express my concern, indeed my outrage, at the way in which the prosecution of U.S. Army Private First Class Bradley Manning is being conducted.

You are, I am sure, aware of the public attention, both in the United States and abroad, being paid to Manning’s case. Few can understand either the length of time without trial since his arrest for the unauthorized distribution of classified material nor the harsh conditions under which he is being held at the Quantico Marine Corps Base brig.

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