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Organic Consumers Association

Video Fundraising Appeal

Help OCA Grow the Revolution

For 13 years, OCA has been "growing the revolution" - preserving strict organic standards, expanding the organic market, and spreading the good news that organic agriculture can sustainably feed the world while reversing global warming. The time is right to ramp up our efforts and achieve some real victories in the fight against Monsanto, with labels on genetically engineered foods, but we need to raise a substantial amount of money over the summer to do so.

Please: watch this video and make your donation today.

Thanks to the generosity of organic consumers like yourself, in the last two weeks, we raised $60,000 of the $75,000 we urgently need to continue and expand our work. Once we reach our summer fundraising goal of $75,000 in smaller donations we will be able to seek matching funds from our larger donors so that we end up with sufficient resources to step up our activities on all fronts in the fall.

Please, donate today.

The good news is that OCA and our allies are on the verge of launching the largest grassroots effort in our history. If we can reach our summer fundraising goals, OCA's Millions Against Monsanto campaign will be in a good position to mobilize the 90% of the public that wants labels on foods produced with genetically modified ingredients. With adequate resources and grassroots energy we can get GMO labels on the ballot in a strategic number of states that allow the ballot initiative process.

Support the Millions Against Monsanto campaign!

For those of us who were born into the Monsanto crime scene, who have never known a world uncontaminated with its chemicals, for those who have constantly been threatened with unlabeled Frankenfoods, we have reached a turning point. Our health, our lives, and our future depend upon putting an end to Monsanto's poisons, its seeds of destruction, its killing fields, its climate-destabilizing crops, and its factory farms.

The very encouraging news is that our organic food and farming revolution is growing steadily. OCA and our allies have managed to beat back most of corporate agribusiness' attempts to degrade organic standards, including a recent misguided attempt by large organic companies to accept "coexistence" with Monsanto. We have also recently put an end to factory farm dairy feedlots calling their products organic and are well on our way to eliminating organic labeling fraud in the body care sector.

Consciousness is rising, but our public health, food, and climate crisis is metastasizing into a full-blown disaster. Monsanto and Food Inc. are increasing their stranglehold over the future of food and farming, apparently hell-bent on dragging us, along with the planet's life support systems, over the cliff with them.

Take a stand against the Biotech Bullies and for an organic future.

So please, click here to make an online donation.

Thank you for your support. Together we're going to build a sustainable, organic future for our children, our grandchildren, and ourselves.

Regards and Solidarity,

Ronnie Cummins, Co-Founder and National Director, Organic Consumers Association

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