viernes, febrero 03, 2012

Monbiot interview on Treehugger Radio

George Monbiot on Junk Science, Rational Thought, and The Tragedy of Giving Up Nuclear (Podcast)

© George Monbiot

If there is a gene that codes for argumentativeness, George Monbiot must have doubles. Maybe triples. Less a rabble-rouser than a self-badged sheriff of rational thinking, Monbiot’s books and his regular columns in The Guardian have a way of stirring fantastic vitriol. Though much of his vociferousness is aimed at right-wing politicians, corporate string pullers, and other members of the one percent, he’s not shy to clash with his fellow environmentalists, flagging junk scienceDickson Despommier’s vertical farming is still “utterly bonkers,” and why he changed his mind and now supports nuclear energy. and squishy logic as he sees it. "We have to challenge the ideas we like far more fiercely than the ideas we don't like," he says. In our conversation, Monbiot contrasts the climate debates in the US and UK, discusses his forthcoming book, explains why

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