viernes, agosto 24, 2012

From the Media Matters web site

Top Editors Call For The Wall Street Journal To Tell The Truth About Rove

The Wall Street Journal publishes a weekly column by Karl Rove. In the midst of a campaign to build a "permanent" conservative majority, Rove co-founded a super PAC that Vanity Fair says will spend over a billion dollars this election cycle. But to Rupert Murdoch's Journal, Karl Rove is just a guy who used to work for George W. Bush. Despite it being standard practice, the Journal refuses to disclose Rove's super PAC role. When asked by Investigative reporter Joe Strupp, newspaper editors across the country denounced the Journal's practice of non-disclosure:

Newsweek Exemplifies Media Vulnerability

Respected economists like Brad DeLong and Nobel laureate Paul Krugman noted gross factual inaccuracies in Niall Ferguson's Newsweek cover story.Newsweek took no responsibility for any inaccuracies though, casually admitting that they don't even fact check the articles they publish. Against a backdrop of shrinking newsrooms and layoffs, I explained how the conservative echo chamber exploits such vulnerabilities:

Media Ignore Record Ice Melt

Scientists last week announced that this year's Greenland ice melt has shattered all previous records. The lead scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center toldMedia Matters' Jill Fitzsimmons "I absolutely think the media should cover this more, along with the record-breaking pace of Arctic sea ice loss for the summer." And yet this story received no mention at all by any broadcast network, cable news network, or major newspaper. Find out what the media isn't telling you about the increasing pace of climate change:

Elephants In The Room

Fox distorted President Obama's remarks tying business success to "this unbelievable American system" that happens to include government spending on infrastructure. Independent fact checkers thoroughly debunked the Fox-fueled 'you didn't build that' smear. Jon Stewart mocked Fox for the self-evident distortion. The Republican National Committee on the other hand adopted the distortion as a theme for this year's convention. And wouldn't you know - Fox praised the RNC for doing so. But as Eric Hananoki noted, the Convention is being held in an arena built by Florida taxpayers:

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