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"Conspiracy vultures descend on Boston —already", by Bill Weinberg


Defending the Fourth World, Deconstructing Overseas Contingency Operations

Conspiracy vultures descend on Boston  

Jones also notes that the attack happened on Patriot's Day, which commemorates the 1775 battles of Lexington and Concord, and happens to coinicide with Tax Day this year. So Jones predicts that while "they might blame it on the Muslims, they're going to blame it on the Tea Party." Similar glop is issuing forth from like sources. Notes Salon: "Conspiracy-themed message boards didn’t need to be asked twice to take the bait. 'FALSE FLAG ALERT !!! Explosions at Boston Marathon!' one post said, 'Boston False Flag Attack Right Now... Next 911,' another read."

We've noted ourselves the resonance of the date, also associated with Waco and Oklahoma City—which fits into the zeitgeist of Alex Jones and his radical-right buds rather than international jihadis. So if the date is siginificant (which it may not be), it points to domestic militia types, not Islamists. (John Avalon wrote for the Daily Beast in 2010 that the day has "emerged as a 'Hatriot' holiday for some anti-government activists and militia groups.") But, hang on. The actual date of Lexington and Concord, Waco and Oklahoma City was April 19—not 15, which just happens to be the date that Patriot's Day falls on this year (the Monday closest to the authentic date). And Wikipedia informs us Patriot's Day is not celebrated in Oklahoma—just Massachusetts and Maine. (One of the few rational sources to make note of the possible significance of the date is Slate, which also reminds us that Patriot's Day shouldn't be confused with Patriot Day, established to commemorate 9-11.)

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