viernes, mayo 17, 2013

Alternative media conference at Goddard College next week

The digital age has profoundly changed the function and future of media, journalism and democracy. In the wake of the dramatic restructuring of how we communicate

and define our communities, what are the implications for democracy? How can alternative media awaken, educate and engage the electorate?
Join top progressive radio and television talk show host Thom Hartmann; Goddard alumna, former board member, and White House Correspondent and Bureau Chief for the Talk Radio News Service, Ellen Ratner; former President & Chief Executive Officer for the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, Maxie C Jackson III; and Bitch Media's co-founder and editorial/creative director Andi Zeisler while they, and others, talk about issues of ownership, community and activism in today's media landscape at the upcoming Alternative Media Conference at the Plainfield, VT campus. 

Saturday's conference will kick off on the night of May 17 with a special live broadcast of the Thom Hartmann Program with Sen. Bernie Sanders at  WGDR Studios, Goddard College Community Radio (91.1fm Plainfield, 91.7fm Hardwick) to celebrate their 40th anniversary of community radio!
Topics during the conference include:

The Other Voice in the Room: Why I’ve Dedicated My Life to Alternative Media

Thom Hartmann, The Thom Hartmann Program - 9:20 AM

The Alternative Media: Service, Engagement and Impact

Maxie Jackson, former NFCB president - 10:05 AM

Print is Still Alive and it is Pissed

Andi Zeisler, co-founder and editorial director of Bitch Media - 10:55 AM

Why Fake News Is Better Than Real News

Comedy writers and directors formerly from The Onion Newspaper and now working for - 1:30 PM

Free Information: Who Pays the Price

Members of Vermont's Alternative Media and Policy Experts - 1:30 PM

Videofreex Pirate TV Show (21st Century Re-edit)

With members of the pirate video collective founded at Woodstock who were present at the original 1970 AMC conference - 3:00 PM

Practical Applications and Ethics of Investigative Reporting

Robbie Gordon, Media Studies Professor at Flagler College and former producer for Diane Sawyer- 1:30 PM

Throughout the day, The Combustible Cabaret/Digital Vaudeville will be in full swing with surprise performances. At 8PM the show will really kick off with a rapid succession of acts, short films and music. The show will interweave old-world street performance styles of kamishibai, cantastoria, and puppet shows with the future in multimedia, video projection, and hip-hop linguistics. All original works in quick succession. Hosted by Morgan Andrews. Curated by Ben t. Matchstick.
Watch the video of the crew making handprinted posters for the Combustible Cabaret/Digital Vaudeville.

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