lunes, junio 10, 2013

All Songs Considered: Superchunk, John Vanderslice, Lily & Madeleine, More

From the All Songs Considered web site:

We're about to get deep into our "Best Of The Year (So Far)" coverage - and our annual summer music preview. But before we do, we've still got a lot of great music from the first half of 2013 to share. On this week's All Songs Considered, hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton play new releases from some beloved artists who made some amazing records in the '90s, then went on extended breaks. Hear return singles from the power pop band SuperchunkStephin Merritt's lyrical pop group Future Bible Heroes and Sean Nelson, former frontman for the Seattle rock band Harvey Danger.
Also on the program: Great new psych-rock from the band Crocodiles; Pete Yorn's new Brit Pop-inspired band The Olms; glossy electronica from the Australian group Alpine; pipe organ pop from Anna Von Hausswolff; the strange new sounds of John Vanderslice and experimental rock artist Dirty Beaches; the ridiculously charming and sweet harmonies of the sister duo Lily & Madeleine; and an epic jam from the Lawrence, KS rock group Hospital Ships

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