jueves, marzo 31, 2016

A New Independent Radio Station Broadcasts from a Brooklyn Shipping Container

Claire Voon

A sliver of land lying on the Williamsburg-Greenpoint border, long a neighborhood mystery home to a lone and enigmatic RV, now hosts a tiny independent radio station broadcasting music to listeners around the world. Operating in half of a shipping container, the Lot Radio sprang up a little over a month ago in the triangular parcel of land at 17 Nassau Avenue. It aims to present those tuning in with a wide range of sounds spun by an ever-shifting roster of DJs.

“We try to be as varied as possible and show all the different scenes of New York,” founder Francois Vaxelaire told Hyperallergic. “We try our best to give room to everyone. We want DJs to come and feel excited and feel they’re at home — that they’re part of something totally different.”

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