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Has Mother Jones gone pro-GMO?


It's not so much the Lewandowsky study that I have issue with. It's the smug tone of the Chris Mooney article. He fully intends to lump anti-GMO activism together with anti-science nuttiness.

Here is the most troubling paragraph:

As if the new study won't provoke enough ire by linking anti-vaccine views to conspiracy theories, Lewandowsky also finds links—albeit much weaker ones—between conspiracy theories and both anti-GMO beliefs and climate change denial. On GMOs, the board of directors of the American Association for the Advancement of Science has stated that "crop improvement by the modern molecular techniques of biotechnology is safe." Accordingly, Lewandowsky's survey respondents were asked to react to items like "I believe that because there are so many unknowns, that it is dangerous to manipulate the natural genetic material of plants" and "Genetic modification of food is a safe and reliable technology."

He dismisses all concerns about GMO's with a single sentence, as if every scientist agreed with the AAAS on this issue, as if AAAS were the word of God. Here are some responses to AAAS's pronouncement on GMO's:


As far as Mooney is concerned, there is no debate regarding GMO safety. It's a settled issue for him.

I have no doubt Monsanto and lackeys are going to paste and post this MoJo article all over the place.

As for anti-GMO activists who have nutty irrational beliefs- like chemtrails, HAARP, Bildergerg-Illuminati world domination conspiracy, 9-11 inside job theories, fake NASA moon landing, etc- I have met my share too.  As I have said before, we in the movement have not been vigilant enough in clearing out the riffraff.  I call them out once again: Alex Jones, Gary Null, Mike Adams/NaturalNews, Global Research, and anyone who gets NASA and NSA mixed up.  I don't care if these individuals are anti-GMO, I don't want them anywhere near me and I never want to be in a situation where I can be perceived as validating their wacked views.  This is why I tend to be very picky as to what TV and radio interview shows I agree to speak in.

We anti-GMO activists often get bundled together with the anti-vaccine folks.  My position on that issue is intermediate, which is quite difficult to keep since the debate is totally polarized.  I believe there are legitimate reasons for concern about the safety of vaccines, but at the same time the risks of not taking them are very real.

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