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In memory of my recently deceased friend Esteban González

PUERTO RICO: Outfoxing Developers in the Concrete Jungle

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Carmelo Ruiz
SAN JUAN, Aug 19 2005 (IPS) - Mention the word “ecology” in Puerto Rico and many will think of the El Yunque rainforest or of the island’s world-renowned beaches, or perhaps the Amazon rainforest. But important nature conservation initiatives are taking place right in the middle of the sprawling San Juan metro area.

One such endeavour is the Arboretum de Cupey, a grassroots group formed in the highly urbanised Cupey sector of southern San Juan, which since its founding in 1999 has planted some 3,000 trees in the community.
It is not possible to move about Cupey without seeing the Arboretum’s work. Victor Labiosa Avenue, Cupey’s main thoroughfare, is lined with the trees they planted. 


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