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Contrarrevolución de hip hop, cortesía de Creative Associates

El imperialismo no sabe ni qué más inventarse. Ahora sale a luz que los contrarrevolucionarios trataron de socavar la revolución cubana con música hip hop (¡!).
La firma que realizó ese operativo por encargo de la agencia yanqui USAID, Creative Associates International Inc., es herramienta de la geopolítica de EEUU:
One example of one of the prominent projects CAII has worked on, involved them providing support to “the Contra guerillas in Nicaragua” in 1989 which highlight(s) continuities in the role of education in aggressive U.S. foreign policy interventions in ways favorable to U.S.-based transnational capital” (Saltman, 2006: 28). Since the start of the ‘‘Reagan revolution’’ in ‘‘democracy promotion’’ ((see the National Endowment for Democracy)) CAII has been involved in “projects that merged development work with political, military, and economic influence strategies on the part of the U.S.” (Saltman, 2006: 26). In 1991, CAII was also involved with the coup against democratically-elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide (Saltman, 2006: 40).  (Sourcewatch)
CAII es parte activa del aparato militar estadounidense:
Following the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq (in 2001 and 2003 respectively):
“…the United States, through the Agency for International Development (USAID), contracted with… Creative Associates International, Incorporated (CAII) to lead the rebuilding of education. School buildings, textbooks, teacher preparation, curriculum planning, administration—all would be implemented by CAII directly or by firms subcontracted by CAII. In 2003, the company came under close scrutiny by congress and the press for receiving its Iraq contracts without competitively bidding for them.[5] The no-bid contract with CAII was one of a number of no-bid contracts benefiting U.S. corporations including Bechtel (which has been subcontracted by CAII to build schools), Halliburton, and others that profited from rebuilding in Iraq.[6]” (Saltman, 2006: 25)
“CAII’s 2003 takeover of educational development in Afghanistan signifies a break with the longstanding role that the public and non-profit University of Nebraska played since the 1970s in making fundamentalist Islamic schools and texts to participate in creating the Mujahedeen that would serve the U.S. ‘‘market fundamentalist’’ project of driving out the Soviets. These Mujahedeen ‘‘good pupils’’ of Nebraskan texts would then become the nemesis of the United States in the form of the Taliban and Al-Quaeda.” (Saltman, 2006: 28)
Según el Center for Public Integrity:

In addition to its USAID contract for educational reform in Afghanistan, worth at least $60 million, Creative was awarded a USAID contract in March 2003 for educational development work in Iraq. That contract, which may be extended by two years, is meant to cover everything from desks and blackboards to textbooks, curriculum reform, academic standards and teacher training and is worth up to $157 million. Creative was the 10th largest recipient of government-funded contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to the Center’s analysis.
- Carmelo Ruiz Marrero
12 de diciembre 2014

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