domingo, mayo 29, 2016

Operation Condor Verdict: GUILTY!!/

Argentine Federal Court Concludes 3-Year Trial on Multinational Repression
National Security Archive Provided Declassified Evidence; Hails Historic Ruling

National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book
Edited by Carlos Osorio and Peter Kornbluh

Washington D.C., May 27, 2016 - As a federal tribunal in Buenos Aires announced guilty verdicts in the historic prosecution of eighteen Argentine military officers for participating in the coordinated, cross-border system of repression known as “Operation Condor,” the National Security Archive today hailed the ruling as a “major milestone for the principle of human rights and the pursuit of accountability for human rights violators.” 

“Some 40 years after many of the Condor crimes were committed,” according to the Archive’s Southern Cone analyst Carlos Osorio, who testified at the trial and provided hundreds of declassified documents as evidence, “the victims and the human rights organizations that have represented them have finally found justice.”

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