miércoles, mayo 04, 2016

Vieques, 16 years ago today

On a day like today 16 years ago, hundreds of peace protesters were arrested by the US government in the firing range in the island municipality of Vieques, Puerto Rico. That day I was in Marshfield, Vermont, staying at the house of my friends Judy and Jay. I was there with my compatriots Abei and Raul Noriega and Carmen Valencia touring New England to gather support for the anti-Navy struggle in Vieques. In the couple of days we spent there, we took our case to colleges like Burlington, Goddard and Dartmouth, churches in Montpelier and St Johnsbury, the media (WGDR radio and public access cable), the Vermont state legislature, and even had the chance to personally lobby congressman Bernie Sanders.

One of my gladdest memories of that trip was my visit to the revered and venerated peace activist Dave Dellinger's house for a meeting of the local Vieques solidarity committee.

On this historic anniversary, so important for the history of Puerto Rico and of the worldwide peace movement, I share with you this compilation of Vieques-related links and info resources which includes some articles of mine:

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