jueves, agosto 11, 2016

Brasil Music Exchange: Episode One - The Guardian Music Podcast

Welcome to the Brasil Music Exchange! For those of you who have Olympic Fever or simply love that summer sound, this is a must. Twice a week the incredible Jody Gillett will bring you the very best in new and emerging Brazilian music: from jazz to pop, bass, rock and hip hop, there’s something for everyone. For one sweet hour you can fully immerse yourself in all things Brazil and maybe discover your new favourite band
Fresh from Brazil, this is a great introduction into the very best new sounds from all over. You’ll hear the latest releases from Samba’s woman at the end of the world, Elza Soares, Salvador’s brilliant BaianaSystem and hip hop star Criolo. Plus brand new debuts: sweetness from Fioti, deepness from Ziminino and much more.
The Brasil Music Exchange is brought to you by the award-winning production company Folded Wing, who have teamed up with Brasil Música & Artes and Apex-Brasil. Folded Wing are one of the UK’s leading audio producers, they’ undoubtedly create something you’ll love. To find out more follow them onTwitter at @FoldedWingUK
Gente Bonita - Fióti
Odoiá (In Your Eyes) - Jaloo
6000 Dias - Boogarins
Lucro (Descomprimindo) - BaianaSystem
Peleja - Abayomy Afrobeat Orquestra
Intermitência - Ziminino
Dragão - Karina Buhr
Perfume Do Invísivel - Céu
Mulher Do Fin Do Mundo - Elza Soares
Ainda Há Tempo - Criolo

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