miércoles, mayo 05, 2004

Read this interview with one of my literary heroes: Michael Pollan. I had never before heard of Pollan until March of last year when I had the pleasure of having lunch with him during an Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) retreat in Connecticut.

Interviewer Helen Wagenvoord is an ELP fellow, like myself. Click here for more info about ELP.

The High Price of Cheap Food: Mealpolitik over lunch with Michael Pollan

If you're reading this on a fair Sunday, journalist Michael Pollan is probably in his garden. That's where he harvests a lot of his ideas for his award-winning books and articles on what's for dinner and how it got to our plate."

"Orville Schell, dean of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism, persuaded Pollan, former editor of Harper's magazine and contributing editor to the New York Times Magazine, to move his family from their Connecticut farm to Berkeley to accept a newly endowed chair to teach science and technology journalism.
Schell raves about Pollan's 'food chain' journalism, crediting him with creating 'a whole world of reporting that didn't exist before: covering the world of agriculture from womb to tomb.'

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