domingo, octubre 31, 2004

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In a little noticed development in June 2004, the European Commission announced that, "Leading representatives from research, the food and biotech industry, the farming community and consumers’ organisations presented to European Research Commissioner Philippe Busquin a long-term vision for European plant biotechnology towards 2025."

This initiative represents the latest stage in a process that will culminate in the establishment of a EU biotechnology strategic research agenda by the end of this year, and despite reference to "the farming community and consumers’ organisations", it has been led by the biotech industry.

As GM food has already proved to be a failure, not just in Europe, but globally, and with daily reports of the propaganda of GM companies revealed as lies, why is the EU still willing to promote and fund this research? Once again, false claims are made about the need for GM technology to feed people in developing countries where there are already well-proven safe and sustainable alternatives; and for increasing food quality and biodiversity, which GM has singularly failed to deliver.


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