Farmers Unite at Iowa Townhall Meeting – “Bust Up Big Ag”

The above video highlights several family farmers who spoke at a recent townhall meeting held the evening before the joint DOJ/USDA workshops in Ankeny, Iowa. The townhall meeting,”Unleash Food Democracy: Taking on Corporate Power in our Food System” was organized by leading state and national family farm, consumer and labor organizations in an effort to give those family farmers most negatively impacted by excessive market concentration and consolidation in agriculture a chance to have their voice heard on these important issues. The event was attended by over 250 people from across Iowa and the nation who wanted to hear about the real impacts that monopolies in agriculture have had on family farmers, consumers and rural America. To read more about this event, please see the following stories on our media page.

Bust the Trust to Take Back Control of Our Food

By Siena Chrisman, WHY Hunger, 3/12/10