domingo, enero 30, 2011


Toxic Assets Getting You Down?

"Too big to fail" financial services institutions have crashed the U.S. economy, throwing millions out of work, collapsing retirement funds and college savings accounts, and forcing many hard-working Americans into homelessness and poverty.

Due to the complexity of the financial issues and the lack of clear avenues for input, average citizens have had zero role in shaping the policy solutions being proposed by government and industry, even as we are stuck footing the bill for the largest Bankster bailout in history.

If you want to rein-in the Banksters and make sure they never get a chance to do it again, join us. We want to be your go-to site for updates on the financial services re-regulation fight in Congress and for progressive net-roots campaigning against the big boys on Wall Street.

We are in a big hole and it is going to take big ideas to get us out of it. We will follow the debates in Congress and update our website with new information and concrete action items on a weekly basis. But we will also launch public education campaigns to put bigger reform ideas on the table, ideas like:

Sign up for our regular email alerts and action items under "Get Email Updates" above. Your voice is needed in these debates to ensure that the interests of Main Street are prioritized over the narrow, special interests of Wall Street.

The site and our larger Real Economy Project are part of the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD). CMD is a national organization based in Madison, Wisconsin. It was founded by John Stauber in 1993 as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, public interest group. Lisa Graves became Executive Director of CMD in July, 2009. She previously served as a senior advisor in all three branches of the federal government, as a leading strategist on civil liberties advocacy for the ACLU and others, and as an adjunct professor at George Washington University Law School. Mary Bottari is responsible for the content on BanksterUSA and is the Director of the Real Economy Project for CMD. She formerly worked on global trade issues for Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch division and as Press Secretary for U.S. Senator Russ Feingold.

CMD's mission includes promoting transparency and informed debate by exposing corporate spin and government propaganda. We work to inform and assist grassroots citizen activism in promoting economic justice, public health, ecological sustainability and human rights. CMD publishes,, the Weekly Spin, and now

Inquiries about this site can be directed to

Center for Media and Democracy
, 520 University Avenue, Suite 260, 
Madison, Wisconsin 53703

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