lunes, enero 10, 2011

A message from the Organic Consumers Association

1800 Days: Organic Solutions to the Global Crisis

Beyond the deliberate disinformation and gloom and doom of the daily news, we must take decisive action to save ourselves and the future generations. A growing corps of scientists and climatologists have delivered the final warning: we are within 1,800 days – or five years - of passing the atmospheric point of no return, whereby increasing greenhouse gas pollution and global warming will take us over the cliff of climate catastrophe. On the other hand, the grassroots-practical, ready-to-be-scaled-up, healthy and climate-friendly solutions that we need to move away from the precipice are everyday more evident: organic food and farming, green buildings, smart transportation, renewable energy, sustainable living. We are fortunate to have five years or 1800 days to turn things around, to put an end to business as usual, to slash fossil fuel use, to phase-out the coal industry, to retool the electrical grid, to retrofit residential and commercial buildings, and to sequester as much CO2 in the soil as possible through organic farming, ranching, and land management. We have 1800 productive days to reverse the global suicide economy and supercharge a Great Transition toward organic and sustainable ways of living, governance, and commerce. The hour is late. But the power of the people is greater than Fossil Fuel and Food Inc.'s out-of-control technology. Please join us. Please support our efforts.


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