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Go Wisconsin, GO!!!

Tune In to Our Live Coverage and Analysis of the Wisconsin Protests

Our writers are on the frontlines in Wisconsin reporting on the historic protests in Wisconsin, the largest and most sustained in decades. Please tune in to our live updates here.

While most of the national corporate media continues to reprint the new governor's talking points from his FOX appearances, the Center for Media and Democracy is working with other outlets to help share live reports with the state, the nation, and the world. You can follow our reports and photo coverage on Facebook here.

We have helped document how the radical effort to destroy key rights for Wisconsin workers is being spun as simply "budget repair," and that these sorts of shell games are part of a larger agenda being fueled by some of the wealthiest CEOs and companies in the U.S. to advance the right-wing agenda and divide the nation. Our in-depth analysis of the role of the billionaire Koch brothers in putting Scott Walker and other tools of their agenda in office in the 2010 election is available here.

The events in Wisconsin are part of a larger series of events in state houses across the U.S., in Ohio and Indiana and elsewhere, to use politicians elected on promises of job creation to roll back decades of rights and protections for working people in the U.S. And, we will be reporting on Karl Rove and other right-wing spinmasters trying to spread disinformation about these issues and related issues. You can follow our twitter feed on these and other stories of corporate spin here.

CMD has also signed on to support the Wisconsin WAVE, a wave of local democratic resistance to measures that are being pushed to subsidize tax cuts for corporations that have funded political campaigns and out-sourced American jobs. More on this effort, which is the first that will be launched in several states, is available here.

We hope you'll link to our live blog, "like" our Facebook posts on this issues, and share our tweets from Madison.

Lisa Graves
Executive Director of the Center for Media and Democracy

Mary Bottari
Director of CMD's Real Economy Project

CMD is a non-profit organization that reports on PR spin and government propaganda on national issues, including economic reform, health insurance reform, the environment, national security, and consumer rights. We publish PRWatch.org, SourceWatch.org, and BanksterUSA.org. You can make a financial contribution to our work, here.

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