"This is a movement that is not going to stop," says filmmaker Michael Moore of the uprising in Madison, Wisconsin (and across the country--all 50 states held solidarity rallies this weekend). "I knew sooner or later people would say they've had enough."

Michael joins Laura in studio for part one of a two-part conversation about the war on working people in America. He notes that it started in 1981 with Reagan's attack on the air traffic controllers, and it's mostly targeted the poor, as with Clinton's welfare reform. But the attacks on middle class families have finally reached a point where people aren't going to take it anymore.

Watch out for part two tomorrow!

“There clearly are potential ethics violations, and there are potential election-law violations and there are a lot of what look to me like labor-law violations,” says former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager of Scott Walker's response to a prank phone call from "David Koch."

Laura spoke with Peg this weekend in Madison about the protests, about Walker's phone call, and more.

It's been more than two weeks since protesters in Madison, Wisconsin have occupied the capitol building, and John Nichols notes that what's going on there is uniquely Wisconsin--from the politeness to the support and solidarity for union workers. He spoke to Laura outside the capitol this weekend, as protesters lined up in the freezing cold to get back into the building.