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Radioactive food in Japan



French Lab Says Food in Japan Highly Contaminated: A leading French radiological laboratory that was formed after the 1986 Chernobyl explosion, disagrees with the Japanese assessment that the radioactive contamination of food presents “no risk” and also that the samples were taken from close to the Fukushima plant.

The Commission for Independent Information andResearchon Radioactivity, known as CRIIRAD, is reporting that radioactive contamination of spinach and milk sampled as far away as 100 kilometers from Fukushima are at dangerously high levels and these items should not be consumed.

CRIIRAD has also been collaborating for more than a year with Beyond Nuclear to test water samples collected around U.S. nuclear plants, looking primarily for tritium (radioactive hydrogen) which is known to have leaked at numerous U.S. reactor sites.

CRIIRAD countered the Japanese assertion that the contamination levels were of no consequence and strongly urged that spinach, leafy greens, milk and fresh cheese not be consumed and be withdrawn from markets.

Beyond Nuclear will be issuing a press release regarding CRIIRAD’s conclusions on Monday. We are very concerned at the downplaying of the seriousness of food contamination levels in Japan – by both Japanese and U.S. authorities as well as the media. In addition, we are countering efforts to mislead the American public that its nuclear plants are safe. All 104 reactors are potentially vulnerable to mechanical failure and human error as well as catastrophic loss of power after a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

RUSSIANS CHERNOBYL EXPERTS IN US:Meanwhile, a pre-planned speaking tour of four Russian nuclear experts is serendipitously taking place this week through April 6. Natalia Manzurova is a Chernobyl liquidator who can provide an eyewitness account of the disaster at the Ukraine reactor. Dr. Alexey Yablokov is ascientist and former Yeltsin advisor, who authored a book showing that one million people have died to date as a result of Chernobyl. Leading anti-nuclear spokesperson Nataliya Mironova and Chelyabinsk spokesperson Tatiana Muchamedyarova are also on the speaking tour.

The press is still calling. You can see our TV clips, hear us on the radio and read our newspaper clips on the News page of our website. We are also getting calls from anxious citizens around the country looking for information, support and advice. Awareness about the dangers of nuclear power has been raised by orders of magnitude in the U.S. To meet these needs, we need your support. Please help us with a donation.

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