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Times Argus article on Plainfield Co-op

Plainfield Co-op has seen growth in sales, membership

PLAINFIELD — The Plainfield Co-op started as a way for locals to buy goods in bulk at a cheaper rate in the 1970s. Now it pulls in more than $1 million a year in sales and has ties to co-ops in Montpelier and Hardwick.


On its second floor, the co-op also offers a community center which hosts art shows year round and is available for rent for events like parties or meetings.

Select Board Chairman Bram Towbin is a frequent shopper at the co-op, usually bringing in a snack he just purchased before a regular board meeting. Towbin said he really likes that the co-op offers bulk raw food, such as chicken carcasses and turkey necks, for dog food. 

He said the co-op is responsive to what its members ask for; he’s suggested items in the past and the store went out and got them.

“It’s also sort of a community hangout,” Towbin said.

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