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Don't Buy Esso: Bad Company

"Global warming is a conspiracy against America"
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As a taste of what is to come during a second term with Bush, an
advisor to the President on climate issues came out claiming global
warming is a myth designed to 'hamper American competitiveness.'

Myron Ebell, a director at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, told
the BBC's Radio 4 that claims that the climate is threatened are
"ridiculous, unrealistic and alarmist."

Mr Ebell neglected to mention that his organisation has received
$1.5m from Esso since 1998. Faced with international efforts to
reduce CO2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, Esso has
engaged in a covert public relations war intended to maintain
controversy over climate change. Since 1998, Esso has given over
$12 million dollars to supposedly independent 'think tanks', which
engage professional public relations firms to cast doubt on the need
to combat climate change. The Competitive Enterprise Institute is
one of the biggest of these groups.

Mr Ebell also claimed that Britain's chief scientist, Sir David King,
"knows nothing about climate science." He said Sir David is an
"alarmist" who is "promoting this ridiculous claim."

Sir David says he considers climate change "to be the most serious
issue facing us this century and beyond" - more serious even than

Mr Ebell might as well be claiming that Elvis is alive and well and
living in Croydon or that the Earth is flat. The world's best climate
scientists agree the threat is real and growing. It is terrifying that
this man is advising the White House on the gravest threat this
planet faces.

It just goes to show what was at stake during the US elections,
and what was lost. Mr Ebell is a mouthpiece for Esso and should
not be taken seriously, but his views are policy in the oval office.

Mr Ebell did not accept the suggestion that the world's
temperature has risen more quickly than at any time in recorded
history. Asked whether European countries were 'not out to save
the world, but out to get America,' Mr Ebell replied, "I think that
is pretty obviously and explicitly the programme of the EU
Commission, yes."

This kind of idiocy would be a mere distraction if it were not for
the fact that Bush believes this nonsense. If Tony Blair really
regards climate change as a huge threat, like he says he does,
he needs to give the President a dose of straight talking the next
time they meet.

You can take action to fight climate change and the Bush mantra:

Don't buy Esso. And tell your friends to stay away too.

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