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Summer Programs 2005

The Institute for Social Ecology is once again offering its world renowned roster of intensive educational programs during the summer of 2005. We have several new courses and programs in the works for this summer that promise to make this summer one of the most dynamic in our 30 year history.

2005 Offerings:

Sustainable Design, Building and Land Use

A Studio and Practicum May 28 - June 17

Playback, Hip-Hop, Alternative Media & Social Change
Featuring New York City's Playback Theater May 28 - June 5

Remaking Society: A Social Ecology Summer Intensive Seminars, lectures and practica June 25 - July 24

Theoretical Inquiries in the Age of Globalization
July 31 - August 7

Science, Technology, the State and Globalization

August 18 - 21

New Classes this Summer:

Playback, Hip-Hop, Alternative Media & Social Change:

A ten day program for artists, performers, activists and media makers interested in socially engaged art and media projects. Includes core training in Playback Theater, which encompasses improvisation, new story forms, music and hip-hop.

The Revolutionary Tradition in the Third World, facilitated by Lincoln Van Sluytman (during Remaking Society)

From the Haitian Revolution to the post-World War II era to the present day, we will examine the emergence of colonialist values with consolidation of capitalism as a global power; the political legacy of dependence and domination; and how these factors have shaped the form and content of popular liberation movements.

Land, Food and Community, facilitated by Brian Tokar (during Remaking Society)

How can we rethink our relationships to the land, and to how we obtain our food? Combining class discussions, hands-on learning, and field trips, we will explore land based popular struggles, the origins of global agribusiness, and biotechnology, as well as the emergence of local alternatives and a global food sovereignty movement.

Gender Movements and Freedom, facilitated by Ace McArleton (during Remaking Society)

We will examine new social movements that address gender, sex, and sexuality, particularly feminism, gay and lesbian liberation, as well as the transgender, queer and gender queer movements. How can these movements can be rethought in relation to each other, and society as a whole, especially in light of class, "race," ethnicity, and other factors?


The Summer Institute offers a college-level curriculum. The acceptance of transfer credit directly from the ISE is at the discretion of students' home institutions. Students may also take these programs for credit through Burlington College for an additional fee. Students frequently earn as many as nine college credits for one month's participation in the ISE summer institute.

Year-round programs

The ISE also offers a BA program in collaboration with Burlington College and an MA program in collaboration with Prescott College. These programs combine onsite studies at the ISE with student-directed independent studies. Areas of study include social theory, nature philosophy, science and technology studies, globalization, community organizing and development, ecological and social activism, food systems and agricultural policy, ecological design and building, alternative education, and many others.

http://social-ecology.org/article.php?story=20031023185844823 (MA)

Additional Information

For additional information, or copies of our catalog, please contact the ISE at:

1118 Maple Hill Road, Plainfield, Vermont 05667 (802)454-8493
info@social-ecology.org http://www.social-ecology.org

Social Ecology n 1: a coherent radical critique of current social, political, and anti-ecological trends.
2: a reconstructive, ecological, communitarian, and ethical approach to society.

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