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Reclaim the Commons

Initially formed to oppose Bio 2004 (the world's largest biotechnology and pharmaceutical conference held at San Francisco CA in 2004), RECLAIM THE COMMONS has quickly grown from a single mobilization into an ongoing commitment to teach and demonstrate sustainable, life-affirming alternatives to biotechnology and corporate power in general: organic food, community gardens, water reclamation, urban transformation, a gift economy, and so much more. We do this hoping to inform, enrage, and inspire, as we spread the skills and tools we need to bring our vision of ecological democracy to fruition.


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PLANT REAL DEMOCRACY! Sustainable, community-based alternatives to corporate biotech are possible and viable, and we are making them real! At our counter-convention to Bio 2005 in Philadelphia this June, we will not only shine an educational spotlight on the dangers of genetically engineered food, medicine and weapons, but will also exhibit the grassroots eco-solutions taking shape in our own communities. The Philadelphia area is home to a fabulous array of community gardens and organic farms, food co-ops and urban nutrition initiatives, radical health collectives and advocates for universal public health care, groups of student environmentalists and war resisters, interfaith leaders for human rights and sustainable energy, and diverse neighborhood coalitions against police brutality, the gutting of public services, gentrification and environmental injustice.

From June 18 to 21, we invite you to join us to learn about sustainable alternatives from local Philly residents, and for visiting activists to share energy and ideas with us from your home communities! With a shared commitment to putting our values and vision into action, we can and will counter their corporate bio-devastation with our non-violent uprising for BIODEMOCRACY!

To be involved with the BIODEMOCRACY 2005 mobilization, please contact: Philadelphia RAGE (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering) at phillyrage(at) OR Nathaniel from the Student Environmental Action Coalition at (215) 222 4711. RECLAIM THE COMMONS currently holds meetings on the 4th Wednesday of each month, from 7 to 9 pm, at the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) Building (1213 Race St) in Philadelphia.

To subscribe to the RTC discussion and organizing listserv send a blank email to: reclaimthecommons-subscribe(at)

To subscribe to the RTC announcement listserv send a blank email to: rtc-announce-subscribe(at)

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