martes, marzo 27, 2007

Biofuelwatch highlights the environmental impacts of the global biofuel market, especially the vast releases of greenhouse gases and considerable biodiversity losses they can cause. We campaign for regulation to ensure only sustainably-sourced biofuels can be sold in the EU.

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tierra bajas soy project

Soy plantations are the main cause for the destruction of the seasonally-dry Chaco, South America's second largest old growth forest. Here, in Bolivia, populations resettled for soy cultivation are clearing the forest in a star-shaped spread from their new towns. The rate of deforestation is correlated with soy prices, which are likely to be inflated by growing demand from D1, Greenergy and Biofuelscorp (amongst others) for soy biofuel feedstock. As a result, deforestation rates are likely to accelerate. Soy is also the prime cause of deforestation in the Amazon. Plans to certify expanding soy plantations as being sustainable are opposed by many regional NGOs. Image from Earth Sciences and Image Analysis Laboratory


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